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    Tis the year of our lord eighteen hundred and thirty. I am fifty seven years in this world.

    My name is James Scott. I was birthed in Sutherland in Scotland in the year of our Lord seventeen hundred and seventy three.
    I grew up the son of a crofter and expected that to be my life's existence as it was my father's and his father before him.

    The year 1792 came to be known as "The year of the sheep" and was the year when we were forcibly and violently evicted from our home by the factor and his henchmen. I was nineteen years young. They fired our home, not even giving us time to get my old grandmother out. I can still hear her screams to this day.

    We were marched to the coast and were told our new roll was to harvest kelp. We were given no shelter or food and many, including my heartbroken grandfather, passed from this life into the hands of God.

    My youth and strength helped see me through these turbulent times and I survived the first winter by stealth, hunting and poaching, all of which could have seen me hung had I been caught. But I was raised in the mountains and glens and knew the ways of the land.

    In the second year of our tribulation, I signed up with the Hudson Bay Company and said farewell to my family. I went off to a new life of adventure and discovery with their blessing.

    Many years passed while I carried out my employment. I cooked and cleaned, mended clothes and did laundry for different fur trapping brigades, heading ever westward.

    In the intervening years I became a trapper, I trapped for both the North West Company and HBC depending on the rate of pay being offered and I learned early on by fair means or foul the ways of both the white and the red man.

    I am now all but retired from the game. I am a free trapper when the opportunity arises but arthritics in my knees from too much time spent thigh deep in freezing water has curtailed my wilderness activities somewhat and I intersperse that with trading.

    I do a trade in oats and fodder, but also in hardware, leatherware and the like. My home now is on the Red River where I live with my Métis wife and four sons.

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