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WITHDRAWN Full sized pan primer

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Two Feathers

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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Howdy folks, Two Feathers here:

Winter is coming and there’s a lot of work to do in the shop. Here is one of my standard flintlock pan primers. It’s just in time for Christmas and you guys whos states started their Flintlock Deer season. The price is $60.00 shipped in a padded envelope. I made it from an Elk antler tine. It has a nice curly Maple cap. It is NOT antiqued or aged.

There is a 3 grain charging valve, that’s filled through the body. I’ll include written instructions and a tiny funnel to aid in filling the primer. After much questioning from a few customers, I’ve started checking the Qty. of powder these will hold. This one will hold 365 grains of FFFg. powder, as seen on the Blue tape. I’ll remove the tape before shipping.

Disclaimer: This primer IS NOT to be used for any powder size other than FFFFg. BUT, I’m told these primers work fantastic with FFFg. A number of my customers use these regularly for priming with FFFg. without any issues. One customer just told me he uses FFg. in his. But I’m just giving you the valve manufacturer’s warning to avoid future issues. Again manufacturer’s warning: Trying to use these for some different grain size will jam them up and they will not work. That’s BS but I have to make you aware of the mfg.’s warning.

The entire primer measures 7” long total overall tip to base. The base cap measures approx. 1” X 1-1/4”. These are ALL approximate measurements with a ruler. It should fit in your shooting bag or pocket nicely. With the prices of EVERYTHING going up, I wanted to make these a little more affordable to my customers, so I’ve included (at no additional cost) a forged staple for carrying or tying to your bag.

The curly Maple plug/cap is held on with 8 tiny, solid Brass nails.

I take PayPal, MO’s or checks.

This item cannot be shipped to Canada. If interested, please PM me here. As always, thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers


  • New primers 11-19-2023 001.JPG
    New primers 11-19-2023 001.JPG
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  • New primers 11-19-2023 002.JPG
    New primers 11-19-2023 002.JPG
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    New primers 11-19-2023 003.JPG
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  • New primers 11-19-2023 004.JPG
    New primers 11-19-2023 004.JPG
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Howdy y'all:
One gone and this one left. Don't let it slip away. You owe it to yourself to make your BP shooting experience as enjoyable as possible, and this will do it! PLUS old St. Nick will be happy to ship it out in time for Christmas. :~)))) Ho, Ho, Ho. 🎅 ☃️
God bless:
Two Feathers
Howdy folks:
Well, Christmas ain't gettin' any farther away? Don't hesitate on this one if you want it before then. I'll even age it for you if you'd like before I ship it? The natural finish doesn't seem to be drawing much interest?
Merry Christmas.
God bless:
Two Feathers
Very well, thank you. Unfortunately, I don't get much opportunity to use them. Life gets in the way sometimes they say! Now I am dealing with back and hip issues. If its not one thing...
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Howdy folks:
As with the Red Handled scalper, I'm withdrawing this sale for lack of interest. The "plain Jane" aspect seems to be my downfall?
I'll list more in the future, but this one will stay here for now?
If someone were to be interested, contact me.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
God bless:
Two Feathers
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