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Discussion in 'Shooting Accessories Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Two Feathers, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Two Feathers

    Two Feathers

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    Apr 15, 2008
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    Howdy folks, Two Feathers here. I know you don’t all have everything you need for the rendezvous season, so here’s a new item. Frizzen covers (hammer stalls), $8.00 shipped to you, $6.00 + $2.00 s&h. I know these are a bit pricier than TOTW, or CC, but I don’t have the shipping connections they do, so I have to charge a bit more for my s&h or lose money, PLUS, these are hand crafted by me, so I know these are 100% American made!!

    These are made from the best top quality American 3 oz. vegetable tanned tooling leather that I can get. Each one is hand cut and hand stitched with natural colored artificial sinew. Each has an attached sinew or buckskin cord for tying to your trigger guard to prevent loss. The taller thinner ones will fit a Traditions or older CVA Frizzen. He shorter wider ones will fit a Lyman or TC Frizzen. I’m still working on getting measurements for Musket Frizzens? Some of them have a Bear paw track stamped onto them. Some have a Deer Hoof track. The stampings aren’t super deep, but they should last a long time? The leather is 3 oz. (thin) but solid, so the stampings aren’t that deep.

    I prefer PayPal, but will take money orders and personal checks. I’m selling/shipping to Canada now, but due to the Dollar exchange rate, Canadian customers will need to contact me for updated prices in USD.

    I ship same day as funds are received or check clears. The exceptions are Federal Holidays, Sundays, and Extreme Weather.

    If you’d like to order one, or more. Let me know which size and how many. If you take more than one to the same address, I’ll only charge for shipping on one. If I’m out of the one you want, I’ll make yours at that time and ship them.

    As always, Thanks for looking.
    God bless:
    Two Feathers

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