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SOLD Fringed Buckskin Fall-Front Pants, 34+” waist

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Dec 30, 2004
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New England
I bought these with visions of wearing them, but since I’ve been exercising so much due to Covid I’m now down to a size 30 … so these have to go.

The leather appears to be brain tan leather, as it is very supple and soft and if you look at the construction details, they are extremely well-made. But note I am not a leather expert nor ‘thread counter’, so that is just my guess on the leather. However, I do have some brain tan items a noted Sutler made for me and they ‘feel the same’.

With the gusset tied in, they are about a 34” waist and one could maybe get about another 3-4” with the gusset expanded, so at lest to 36-37” anyway. See the gusset photo for details, as well as the construction thereof.

The overall length is 40”, the rise from the top of the pants to the bottom of the crotch is 16” and the inseam from crotch to pant leg is about 30”. As such, these are likely for those of ‘average height’, depending on what one wears for shoes or mocs.

The areas at the knees appear a tad dry, but everything else is supple, and I am sure a good leather conditioner would bring them back to perfect life. There are a few small brown burn spots on the right rear butt cheek, but no holes that I can see. They have been well worn, but were also extremely well made and have a great authentic patina.

Look closely please, as ‘no returns’. I can take additional measurements or other pictures as you may desire. I am asking for $110 shipped, and I think you would need to pay 2X to 3X that to otherwise have a pair like these made for you.

00DDE67A-398C-4F2F-83EB-E32C03D6FED7.jpeg F22A1B26-9456-4C6A-972C-3084D63D0D46.jpeg B42741F5-479B-439A-A9D6-D73675CDE53E.jpeg


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