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Oct 4, 2003
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There are 46 rules in this document - Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom...

1: The focus of this site is "Traditional Muzzleloading"; The history of muzzleloading weapons and battles, up to and including the American Civil War. (From the inception of firearms through 1865)

2: Please remember, this is not a public forum, but rather a privately owned service and as such, you are a guest. It is a family oriented site, so please conduct yourself accordingly. We have members who are children and we do not approve of "sexual innuendos". Please think twice before posting something you think is funny.

3: Posts must be in English.

4: Posting items for sale or trade will result in an immediate ban from the web site - Use the Free Classifieds.

5: Solicitation of donations or sale of raffle tickets is not allowed.

6: Please read the Classified Guidelines before placing an ad.

7: We do not discuss modern (in-line) muzzleloading firearms.
Early historic breech loading guns that do not use primed metallic or semi-metallic cartridges and meet the requirements of rule #1 are permitted for discussion.
See special rules at the bottom for posts about breech loading firearms.

8: Although not muzzleloaders, we do allow discussions of percussion revolvers.

9: We do not discuss copper and/or jacketed, plastic/polymer tipped bullets, sabots, power belts, or other 'plastic-wrapped' bullets. Smoothbores using plastic wads and steel shot are an exception to this rule.

10: We do not discuss conversion cylinders or anything to do with metal cartridges.

11: Please conduct personal discussions in private.

12: We welcome debate, but personal attacks will not be tolerated.

13: Sometimes, the discussions get rather heated. Please remember to stick to the subject matter and don't attack the messenger. You may debate the topic, but you may not personally attack the members for posting something you disagree with. Everyone here has a right to their opinion.

14: If your post attacks (comments on) the poster, instead of addressing the subject matter, your post will be deleted. If this happens too many times, your account will be deleted.

15: Please keep in mind, if you get banned, the old "he started it" defense won't fly here.

16: We do not discuss Religion / God.

17: We do not discuss Politics outside the Politics forum.

18: We do not allow Religious or Political Signatures or Avatars.

19: Vulgar or racist language is not allowed.

20: The term "Stitch Nazi" is frowned upon here - Do not use it.

21: Do not post a public message telling someone you sent them a private message. They'll get your message the next time they login.

22: Participants may not use the Forums to post advertisements or commercial solicitations of any kind (this includes raffles and contributions to charities).**

23: Do not post links to your commercial web site or post unsolicited photos of your merchandise. Links to your site may go in your profile, not your Signature.**

24: Do not post links that make members automatically download files.

25: Avatars may not contain commercial or political content.**

26: Members may not have more than one Forum account.

27: Signatures may not contain links to commercial web sites.**

28: Do not post links to sites that contain Muzzleloading Forums.

29: You acknowledge that by posting in the forums you are giving the Muzzleloading Forum your permission to make the contents of your posts, including photos, available to the public, on the Forum web sites, including our Facebook page.

30: Do not post copyrighted material; including articles, images, videos, music, etc. You may post a small excerpt, with a link to the original, but you may not post the entire article.

31: Do not post the same topic in more than one category (cross-posting).

32: Do not type in all UPPERCASE - it is the Internet equivelent of SHOUTING.

33: You may not use a business name as your Display Name.

34: Do not post items for sale or trade. This includes links or item numbers on eBay or "good deals" on web sites.**

35: Do not post links to classified ads or auction items (yes, this includes the name of the domain and the item number).

36: Asking the members to give a fair market value appraisal for an item you own or wish to purchase is permitted. However, no offers to SELL, BUY or TRADE may be made outside of the Classified section of the Forum. Do not post: "I'm selling a gun, what do you think it's worth?" - Use the Classifieds. This applies to "Looking to Buy" also.

37: DO NOT advertise your classified ad in the forums or post photos of the item for sale in the forums.

38: DO NOT ask where to purchase used equipment. If you're looking for something - use the Classified Ads.

39: All purchase inquiries ("Do you sell those") should be conducted privately, not in the open forums.

40: Contacting our members with unsolicited offers of merchandise for sale will result in your account being deleted.

41: Participants may not post any material regarding illegal activities, illegal firearms, or the manufacture of any material or hardware that is illegal in the United States. This includes, but is not limited to; the manufacture of explosives, instructions on where to find materials for making explosives, altering of weapons to make them illegal, etc.

42: Members may not discuss the making of black powder or post links to web sites that offer instructions for making black powder.

43: The Forum Moderators have the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted information, without notice.

44: By registering, you agree to receive email from the Forum Administration. We do not SPAM our members. We only contact members if it involves their use of the Forum.

45: The owner of this forum is not responsible for the opinions expressed by the members. Members of the Forum use all information found here at their own risk.

46: We do not respond to anti-spam blocking email replies. If we cannot contact you, your account will be deleted.


Ӣ The firearm must have been made prior to 1865. Replicas of these guns are also acceptable.

Ӣ The firearm must utilize an ignition system which is separate from any form or type of cartridge that may have been used to seal the breech or load the powder or the projectile.
The "cartridge" may incorporate a pan or similar device to hold priming powder.

Ӣ Vent ignited guns, Matchlocks, Wheel-locks, any form of Flintlock and its predecessors, Percussion cap and its predecessors are all acceptable for discussion.

Ӣ Discussion of needle guns, pinfire, rim fire, center fire and any similar cartridges containing priming devices or the firearms that use them is not permitted.

Ӣ Posts may be made in a suitable section such as, smoothbore, cannon, handgun, flintlock rifle or percussion rifle, based on the type of gun.
Posts in the General Muzzleloading section is recommended.

Additional forum rules explaining the forum's and your legal rights can be found by pressing the blue button marked Forum Rules. It is located at the top of the page.

** MFL Sponsor's or Vendors only may post commercial advertising in the Vendor Showcase or the Classified areas and in their signatures.
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