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Aug 27, 2004
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This is not the way to be historically correct, but will do in a pinch for this old man. Got some new English flints today and they were all pretty good except one was waaaaaay too thick and pointy for my large Siler.
Had a brain fart and was thinking of a way to grind off the thick peak. Wasn't even flat. A though occurred, so I tried it. This photo is a small diamond round stone cylinder grinder for trimming stained glass. It was just sitting there and had never been used. Worked like a charm. The top is a basin for water, if one chooses to do so. There was very minimal dust.

IMG_4518 2.jpeg
Dec 30, 2004
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New England
No matter what method ... just don't breathe the dust.

Rotary Wheels
FWIW rotary diamond wheel chucked up in a Dremel tool work fast too. I flatten the 'humpies' outside on a windy day. There used to be a great online source to buy ones 3/4" in diameter like the one circled in red, but they've since gone out of business.
Diamond Wheel.jpg
Diamond Wheel2.jpg

Tile Saw Method
Option 1 - Take a pair of spare or cheap slip joint pliers and glue a leather pad to each toothed jaw. Grip the flint front and rear in the jaws and remove the hump or trim - all you need is a ~1/4" thick platform more or less parallel to the bottom surface.

Option 2 - Use hot melt glue to attach the flat part of the flint to the edge of a wide board (as a jig) and run it slowly through a tile saw.

Option 3 - Someone here once posted a picture of a jig of a neat wooden jig theymade that clamped a flint akin to above, but the pictures won't load anymore :doh: , just other picture lost in the PhotoBucket debacle.
Apr 9, 2014
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Harbor Freight has diamond wheels and files. I use the wheels to take off the humps, and I carry a file in my shooting bag to touch up flints that need to be sharpened. I was never any good at knapping, and ruined too many flints trying, so now I use the diamond file. Not PC, but keeps me shooting in the field.