Flintlocks rifles, win the war

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Jan 9, 2020
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Brantford, Ontario
Simply put.

The "Indians" have a secure homeland it's called The United States of America or Canada depending on where they reside.

Native American's have a long proud history of sacrificing their lives to protect their respective homelands and are still prepared to do so, even to this day whether they serve under the Stars and Stripes or the Maple Leaf.

I have Creek and Cherokee running through my veins and I am thankful that that part of my ancestry was subjugated by a moral and just people. Was it perfect? No, but there is enough shame and blame to go around for all the cultures involved, yet the greatness of these combined cultures remains.

Napoleon was defeated in Russia in the Winter of 12 & 13. He eventually abdicated the throne and fled to exile in Corsica. The allies tried to set up a puppet Bourbon State in Paris. In early 1815 Napoleon escaped his exile and reorganized his army ultimately to be defeated in June 1815. The War in America was over by February 1815. So Waterloo occurred after the War of 1812.

Tippecanoe occurred in November of 1811 while Tecumseh was down south trying to garner the support of the southern nations. Harrison led a force and camped nearby. Harrison had made arrangements to meet with the "Prophet" the next day Nov 7 1811.
Indian warriors attacked Harrison's camp on the morning of the 7th before dawn. While warriors did infiltrate the camp, they were eventually repulsed by the Americans but with heavy casualties. In this engagement Harrison suffered more loss than the "Prophet". When Harrisom decided to move on Tippecanoe or Prophetstown he found it abandoned. The stores of corn were taken by the army and the town was burned.
It was a tactical victory as the ultimate goal was the dispersion of the Indian alliance at Tippecanoe although Harrison suffered more loss.
Prophetstown was later rebuilt so this was only a minor set back for Tecumseh's Pan Indian Alliance. Soon after Indian warriors were loosed in the North West causing much bloodshed.

This occurred before The War of 1812.
Brant died in 1807.

In part due to the savagery of the Indian Wars in the Northwest and The Southwest during The War of 1812, the US "plan for civilization" was abandoned for the alternative of Indian Removal and ultimately the Reservation System.

As far as might makes right...you better believe it. I'm glad the "might" was right. I believe that because of the terrible regimes that came later. Regimes represented by the Swastika, the Rising Sun or the Red Star. I much prefer the "might" of the Maple Leaf and the Stars and Stripes to those regimes.
Moral and just people;
With Creek and Cherokee ancestry I’m surprised at your opinion. See Trail of Tears. If that’s moral or just I hope you’re not on the jury if I’m ever in court.