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FOR SALE Flint Wallet

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Mar 8, 2021
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Flint Wallet by my hand.

I used to just keep a few flints loose in my hunting pouch, until I cut the hammered shucks out of myself while rooting around for something… so being somewhat prudent, I made a flint wallet. I liked it so much I made one for my son. He liked it so much I decided to make them available for sale.

I kept the design as simple as possible, since for me that has always been the most functional. Holds six flints. I also keep my vent pick in it, stuck in the fold (I don’t like it hanging, since I’ve stuck myself a couple of times.) I have even started carrying my little antler tip handled screwdriver in it as well, and even though it isn’t in a pouch, it has yet to fall out.

Saddle stitched with artificial sinew. Finished off with mink oil.

I have no idea how this leather was tanned; I purchased it from a place called The Dead Cow, in Santa Cruz California some 45 years ago.

Cost is $30.00, which includes shipping to the “lower 48”. I take PayPal. Message me for details


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