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First time in years

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50 Cal.
Dec 26, 2022
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Mooreland Indiana
Going to shoot my Lancaster flint tomorrow.
Will not be shooting much, waiting on weather to get better.Havent shot a ML IN about 4 to 5 years. Have only shot a flintlock a few shots. Tomorrow my 32 flintlock is going just to ck my reaction and poi.
I've built 3 rifles in the last few months and haven't shot any. Its time. I also have a fusil headed this way in about 3 weeks I will need to build.
Watch out, or the "flintlock bug" will bite ya and you'll not be happy with anything else.
Make sure you have a sharp flint properly mounted in the cock and hold throuuuuuuugh the shot.
That's funny Don,,I rold my buddy I won't want to shoot my percusions now. Oh Dale I've already gave up on that no more heavy sighs either LOL
OK I ONLY SHOT A COUPLE SHOTS TO SEE WHERE THE SIGHTS WE'RE. At least on paper here's a pic. 1st shot off hand about 20 yards a little low little right.
Second shot 50 yards kneeling shooting with gun arm rested on pic nick table. A tad .more right and not as low. 30 gr fff,, .305 ball ...018 pillow tic,, mutton talo lube,, 44gr. On the ball weight. I like it. I could see my perrcusions getting replaced or converted.
Left target 20 yards right was 50 yards.


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