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First flintlock deer

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T Gregory

32 Cal
Dec 4, 2022
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I got the urge to build my own flintlock rifle several years ago. I ordered a York rifle kit in .40 cal from Chambers and the journey began. It took me a few years to complete the build because life kept getting in the way but 2 years ago i finished it. I got a shot opportunity at a doe last year but I got too excited and jerked the trigger at the moment of truth. I was laughing out loud and mentally kicking myself as the deer ran out of the field unscathed. Fast forward to this year's muzzleloader season. I had hunted hard all week with no luck. I returned to the same field that I missed the doe last year and set up in the same spot. About 20 minutes into the hunt I looked up and saw a doe in the same spot as the year before. I have no way of knowing but it could have been the same deer. I posiitioned myself for the shot and was mentally chanting to myself "focus on the spot, squeeze the trigger, and follow through." I knew when the trigger broke that the shot was good. I watched the deer run in a half circle and fall just inside the woods. She made it about 60 yards total. She was slightly quarted to me at about 50 yards when I shot. The ball entered just in front of the shoulder joint and exited in the crease on the opposite side. My load was a .390 ball, .010 patch, over 60gr fffg powder. I am very thankful that I got a deer with a rifle that I built and a ball that I cast.


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Aug 13, 2019
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South Carolina
Congrats! Great looking rifle and nice doe. A flintlock brings in an additional challenge when your ancy aiming at a deer...I missed my first crack at a doe with a flintlock as well.

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