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First flintlock deer

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Ben Meyer

40 Cal
Jul 31, 2019
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Cincinnati, OH
One of these years I'll take the flintlock hunting. Not this year, im tagged out with all the meat i need. 2 years ago I took a fat doe with my .50cal Hawken percussion. Worked great, as good as any other firearm. 42yd pass thru shot with a PRB & 80gr of 2F Goex. Ran 30yds and dropped dead. I'm just hesitant to take that LONG nice flintlock up a treestand. Maybe from the ground though....


36 Cl.
Jan 26, 2020
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Nice story and pic. Congrats!
By the way, I hope you understand some poor sole will read this and say "Wow, I can do this" . Then another 5 years goes up in a puff of smoke!
Apr 30, 2022
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I got the urge several years ago to build my own flintlock. I decided on a .40cal because here in Arkansas I can hunt anything from squirrel to black bear with that caliber. I ordered a York rifle kit from Chambers and the journey began. It took me a few years to actually finish the rifle because of life happening but I finally did 2 years ago. Last year I got a shot opportunity but I got a bit excited and jerked the trigger. I was literally laughing, and mentally kicking myself as the doe ran out of the field unscathed. Fast forward to this year's muzzleloader season. I had hunted hard all week with no luck. Finally on Friday evening I returned to the same field that I missed the doe in last year. I sat up in the exact same place and about 20 minutes later I looked up and a doe was crossing the field in the exact same place as the one the year before. No way to know but it could have been the same deer. I posiitioned myself for the shot and kept repeating in my head "focus on the spot, squeeze, and follow through." The trigger broke and I knew instantly the shot was good. She was slightly quarted to me at about 50 yards. The ball hit just in front of the shoulder joint and exited in the crease on the opposite side. She ran in a big half circle about 60 yards and I saw her fall just inside the woods. Im so thankful to have gotten this deer with a rifle that I built and a ball that I cast. It was an amazing experience.

Congratulations on a very satisfying hunt with the rifle you made. Good shooting, too!