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SOLD Fine ASM Colt 1860 Army

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Jan 26, 2021
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Greetings, Folks. I’m offering my Armi San Marco Colt 1860 Army for sale. I acquired this gun as part of a small collection, but I have three other 1860s and someone here can benefit from my need to cull the herd. Proof date of 1986. Eight-inch barrel, .44 caliber, “white” steel frame, blued backstrap, brass trigger guard, cut for shoulder stock. 100% bluing, 100% barrel. No scratches, handling marks, nicks or dings, but there is a faint turning ring on the cylinder that could be polished out. (I’ve got to leave something for the buyer to do.)

ASM seems to have taken a special interest in this gun and I assume that a number was offered as something special to begin with. The laser engraving is understated, and unlike so much other engraving (in my opinion) it doesn’t detract from this beautiful gun. The fit and finish are exceptional – better than my Ubertis, Piettas, and even my 2nd Generation Colt. The action is also superb. I took this to the range once because I have to test everything for myself, but that was also before the universe changed. I don’t recall anything specific, just that it was a treat to shoot. Therefore, condition isn't "mint" but nearly so.

Dang, I've nearly talked myself into keeping it.

$375 including shipping to CONUS, only, please. Payment by check, postal money order or PayPal ("friends"), the gun ships when payment is verified, etc. etc.


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