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Sep 29, 2022
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Belton, Texas
Back in the mid 80s I used pyrodex in my .45 cal. TC Hawken with a maxi-ball. This was before I knew better but it worked quite well and I even took a Texas whitetail. Lots of learning back then by reading because there were no forums back then. Besides, personal computers were just starting to be avaible.
Take your time and learn from the folks on this forum or other sources.
Pyrodex may be all you can find so go for it and enjoy the learning.
There are a bunch of guys here in Texas if you need help. Many way more experienced than I am.
Thanks Chief. I have not found anyone local yet
Oct 9, 2004
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St. Louis, MO
The 2f powder in the pan will do okay as a priming powder. It will be a little slower than 4f, but most of us aren't able to tell the difference unless we have a sophisticated timing system such as used by Larry Plecher. Of course, I always feel that time slows when I fire a flint lock and I can sense the delay. I have also noted that when I let someone else shoot my flint lock, I don't notice a delay. Haven't figured that out yet.

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