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Sep 17, 2014
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Central Texas
Highlights are coming tonight.
I plan on adding layers as I put on the coats of Tru oil.
I’m going to try some blonde stain tonight and add another coat, see if it’ll give it some depth.
Be careful and sneak up on the layering as it WILL darken and hide the stripe work you worked so hard to replicate. Ask me how I know. Done this twice to two different rifles as well. I like the look it gives to otherwise "plain" wood stocks, and its a historically accurate finish on some rifle styles. This CVA I did looked great before I started adding the Tru oil finish and it just made the stripes disappear. I think next time I try this I am going to have to use a little darker color for the stripes. I used med brown leather dye for the stripes and LMF Nut Brown Stain for the overall color all topped with tru oil....I believe it was 2 -3 coats.


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The Appalachian

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Jan 26, 2022
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1) random width and pattern black sharpie lines, rub back with 000 synthetic steel wool to fade and blend stripes with natural grain. Study natural striped wood to replicate. Avoid bold lines, use a worn sharpie for best results.
2) aquafortis
3) aquafortis again
4) coat of honey or golden brown stain.
5) coat of red oak stain.
6) with a 5/8" flat oil painter's brush apply several very thin coats of true oil lightly tinted with burnt umber powdered pigment. Stretch each stroke as far as possible to keep coats thin. Rub all the shine down with the 000 synthetic steel wool between coats.
7) apply truoil lightly tinted with bone black or Ivory Black pigment in the same manner as the burnt umber in places that would indicate age and use. Apply around muzzle end, along ramrod channel, around lock mortise, butt plate, cheek piece, etc. Rub back and fade edges with 000 synthetic steel wool.
8) apply alternating coats of burnt umber and bone black to create depth and fading/feathering between colors. Apply the burnt umber over the black, but only apply the black in the same areas as before. Rub the shine off between all coats with 000 synthetic steel wool.
When final coloring, depth, and look, is achieved rub the shine off again and apply several coats of Axe Wax or Renaissance Wax.
9) let people marvel over your beautiful piece of curly maple.