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SOLD Engraved Map Powder Horn (#20)

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Nov 11, 2011
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Surry County, North Carolina
Hi all,
I just completed this fine looking map Powder Horn yesterday (#20) and am offering it for sale.
It is a medium size, measuring a bit over 10" long by 2" x 2.5" wide.
A rosette design is seen in the borders and the base plug. The spout is fluted and the base pin is a shaped steel nail.
This horn wears well on either right or left side and I engraved it accordingly.
The maps are of Lake Champlain, the upper part on one side and lower part on the other.
The engraving I do is not lightly scratched in, but bold enough to be seen by others as you wear it. I also add some nifty shading affects which I think looks nice.
This aged-looking horn is unique and will certainly add a bit of distinction to your rig!
I am asking $325 shipped to you in the lower 48. Shipping outside the continental US will naturally cost more.
PayPal Friends and Family or Money Order are great or if your near Mount Airy, NC I can deliver :)
Thanks for looking.


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