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FOR SALE English Style Striker Flint and Steel Set

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Aug 17, 2022
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Just letting everyone know that these flint and steel kits are top-notch. I have zero experience with using flint and steel for fire starting and was successful on my first attempt using one of Mr. Hawk's kits. I tore a small piece of the kits char cloth off and laid it on the flint at the edge where I would be striking with the steel and once I figured out how hard and at what angle the flint and steel needed to be at I had a glowing ember on the char cloth. I had already had a very small bird's nest made from the kit-provided hemp and after a few breaths, I had flames. I did it a second time to see if I was just lucky on the first one and presto chango I got another fire going. His kit made it easy.


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Aug 5, 2021
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Cave Creek Arizona
Our new large English style striker has a an extra beefy striking surface and throws a huge shower of sparks. This is an excellent choice when using natural plant tinders instead of charcloth. ( wood punk shown in photo )

Each Flint and Steel Set comes with a striker, sharp English flint, a roll of charcloth, jute nesting fiber and instructions. $26.00 by cash, money order, bank draft or Paypal. No charge for shipping within the US.

And if you need it, technical assistance is free.

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Please PM me for your email so I can put it through PayPal (I'm assuming you still have these in stock?).
***Please disregard the above message***
Do you know when you will have more of the English style steels?
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