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SOLD Elk hide shirt

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Aug 4, 2004
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Sweetwater, by God Texas
I bought a classic old chrome tanned elk hide a while back, and used the bigger part of it to make up this shirt. It's not fancy enough to be a "war shirt" but it does have an evocative look to it. We all learned back in the glory days of buckskinning 40-50 years ago that chrome tan was an historically incorrect tanning process, but it certainly yields a wonderfully soft, handsome and durable leather. Dimensions of this shirt are 51 inches from end of sleeve to end of sleeve, 25 inches across the chest below the arms, 31 inches from neck to tails and the neck slit is 10 1/2 inches wide. It's pretty tight when I put this over my head, so you will likely want to open it up some more. Sewn with artificial sinew, this is close to three pounds of elk hide. Asking $50 plus $15 for the medium flat rate priority box.


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