Early Pa muzzleloader season.

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Jul 5, 2014
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Central pa
This year is a very complicated one. In April we discovered she had a serious health problem. The came the surgery, and chemo. I had pretty much written hunting season off, but she told me to get out of the house. Off to hunting camp I go. I chose to forgo the Saturday opener so I could reduce the nights away from home by one because there’s no Sunday hunting in Pa. Monday morning my friend and I take the side by side utv out and he drops me off with directions to the stand. A pleasant morning goes by with out seeing any deer we meet up and head back to camp for lunch. Then back out to a different stand overlooking a food plot. It turned out to be a really uncomfortable stand to sit in as a knot was digging into my back. Rooching around as little as possible was really tough. About 20 minutes till the end of legal shooting hours 2 deer walk out on the far side of the plot. For what ever reason only one of the deer is clearly visible even though they are only a few feet apart. Too far I think. I pull the cock back on my rifle any way. I’m guessing the deer are about 100 yards out. I raise the rifle and settle the sights on the clearly visible deer. To my surprise the sight picture is really clear given the distance and time of day. I squeeze the trigger.... klunck goes the cock as it falls on the leather hammerstall on the frizzen. The deer startled the settle back to feeding. I chuckled to my self...dumb..... pull the cock back and check the priming. Raise the rifle again as the deer turns broad side, the cock falls, the gun recoils, with a cloud of smoke. I see one deer high tail out of there. Where’s the deer I shot at? I climb down, and reload with shaking hands. I cross the food lot and see white deer belly. I overestimated the range and hit the deer in the spine, requiring a second shot. I stand still shaking, looking up and giving thanks to the creator, for the harvest. I stay in camp that night and head homethe next day for the rest of my weeks vacation with my wife. BJH