Dutch Oven

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Apr 10, 2020
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To be easy to clean make sure it’s well seasoned. Get it hot and oil it every time you use it.
In the woods anything you can make at home will make in the pot.
Oatmeal, corn meal, grits, maltomeal, rice will cook in the pot but is a pain to clean. A quick bread, pancake, or Johnny cake is easier to fry up in the field.
Boiled or stewed meat is easy and cleansup with a wipe.
Raised bread can be baked if you have a lid
If your pots dirty a scoop of wood ash in water and boiled will clean it quickly, just heat dry and oil well when done
Whoa , Tenngun , been there ,done that ,eh?? Don't forget chicken and dumplings !! Fantastic afternoon meal when back from the hunt !!

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