FOR SALE Double Barrel 50 Cal. English Percussion Pistol, ca. 1840 - $389

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    English Double "Screw-Barrel" 50 Cal. Black Powder Percussion Pistol for sale. Walnut checkered grips with German Silver (?)oval butt escutcheon, that is engraved "1841". Small unused embedded initial plate. Birmingham proof marks on each barrel and receiver. Scrolling throughout. Pistol attributed to London gunsmith Samuel Nock (1805-1852), nephew of Henry Nock. This mini-Howdah was used by English gentlemen and officers as a personal protection belly gun and last ditch weapon.

    Professionally cleaned and serviced; however, sold as a collector's piece only. Fires .490" soft lead balls through the .465" bores, backed by less than 10 grains of black powder for each charge. Nipples use #11 caps. Moderate to heavy pitting in the stabilized barrels and breech. A brass breech sealing plate, contemporary barrel wrench and a ballistic nylon gun case are included. Pistol is approximately 9" x 4.5".

    Screw-barrel weapons by design get more usable energy from the charge because the breech pressure must build to push a larger soft ball down the barrel. Here’s the loading sequence:

    - hammers down and weapon empty
    - fill breech until level and full (about 10 grs) with 2 or 3 Fg black powder
    - place a ball on each breech small hole you just filled
    - screw down each barrel, deforming the soft lead balls seating them tightly
    - halfcock hammers and prime nipples with #11 caps
    - when you are ready to fire, pull back the hammers and you are good to go.

    $389 (plus $20 shipping by Priority Mail with Insurance and Signature Confirmation, if shipping is requested). No FFL is required. Message, call or text Chris at (770) 354-8821. Please feel free to request additional photos or additional information. Thanks.

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