Do you disassemble fully to clean every shooting session?

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Apr 22, 2008
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Plymouth England
Slightly off subject but it proves a point. Young man on the range this afternoon using an unmentionable. Loads of light strikes. Asks me if I know anything about guns, in particular his (£#&&*&) I took one look and asked him when was the last time he cleaned it. He said he couldn’t remember. All I said was “Well now you know more about guns than you thought you did.” Adjective came to mind - that piece of nautical equipment again😈


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Aug 2, 2020
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Flint Michigan
I am thinking I am going full strip into a bath of dawn and hot water. I have the screwdrivers and time. My concern was stripping the brass. But I back them off evenly and carefully.

Only had one screw slip and leave a slight mark. Lucky for me it's under the trigger guard. If I remember correctly it's been a while since I stripped it.

If the issue is salts then the best thing to flush salts is water and plenty of it. Then it's just a matter of protecting the now oil stripped metal with new oils that we apply.

One thing is for absolute certain the use of lubricant products makes the cleanup a lot easier. So far my homemade bore butter's been working like a charm.

It is really easy to test any concoctions that I made. I put a small layer of the board butter concoction on a spoon put some powder on top of that and light. Then I see if it wipes off any easier.

I miss shooting my pietta it's one of my favorite guns. Soon we will be back at the range raising eyebrows.

I just had a thought. I wonder if I can just use olive oil as the gun oil and lubricant after cleaning.

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