Do Slixshot nipples lessen cap jams in Colt style C&B?

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Jan 11, 2020
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I do not mean to demean, or start a discussion, but if you are going to use modern methods to avoid a problem of yesteryear, just get a Konverter and shoot 38's.
A man did not know how to shoulder a Hawken correctly so he put the muzzleloader in a modern rifle stock, The online craze began.
Well actually I doubt it was such a big problem. When I started shooting Colt revolvers, my first one was an 1851 Navy made in Hartford Ct. back before replicas were being imported. The corrosive caps we used were made of thicker copper and I do not remember being pestered by cap jams. Of course the nipples were the origional ones that came in the guns. Essentially I was shooting an 1851 Navy loaded like J.B. Hickok but not with his skill.
Been at this BP game a very long time and still am. Percussion caps now are made from thinner copper and use a lot hotter percussive material. Personally I shoot for fun, and do not care a bit about "period correctness" I just want a bang every time and not to keep taking the gun apart. That is NOT fun, at least not for me.
End of rant
P.S. I do have a converter and do shoot suppositories on occasion but percussion is more challenge and more fun..


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Nov 16, 2009
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I’m not sure if the slixshots work but whatever you do make certain the caps fit the cones. I use Remington #10’s and if the cones don’t fit them I either file them until they do or, if they’re too small (not much chance of that) swap them out. I like the hammer face to stop shy of the uncapped cone by .005 or so. Setup like so I do not have problems with caps landing in the works.
Jul 26, 2014
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They can help, but there are other reasons it happens.

A rough hammer face and too weak of a mainspring are two other big culprits.


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Nov 18, 2020
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Smokey has an excellent point. I put modified 51 mainsprings in both of my pocket colts (police and navy). You can increase the spring pressure a little in full-size revolvers by adding a washer or two under the mainspring. Reducing hammer bounce greatly reduces the chance of cap fragments falling into the action.