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Dixie Browning Solution?

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Nov 11, 2011
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Surry County, North Carolina
I just checked their site....looks like can't ship to Canada. Must be some sort of dangerous goods thing. I am looking for something where I don't have to cook my rifle in the oven to patch this little spot....brown Sharpie marker might be last resort, or a drop of water and let that little spot rust....haha kidding.
check these guys. they ship internationally. Its also cold browning solution : HOMER DANGLER'S BROWNING SOLUTION


Frontier .50
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Aug 6, 2020
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Land of Shining Mountains
Had a look around their site, looks like the right stuff. There are a couple that look good. $5 to 7$ depending on the brand and then $50 US to ship to Canada.....yikes. Maybe I'll just live with the little nick in the browning. Anybody asks it was at the Alamo.