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Did a search for "baking soda"

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Aug 26, 2022
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Most posts were about browning a barrel, second probably about food.

Reading here and there I see that it is the sulfur that causes rusting in ML firearms. Did a search on the Net "neutralizing sulfur". Found out that sulfur is in itself not acidic but when sulfur burns it produces sulfur dioxide, which according to the article is an acid thus the rusting.

So I understand that probably most clean with water or soap & water (some use other methods but those seem less common). So is there any basis on adding some baking soda to the cleaning water to, perhaps, neutralize the sulfur dioxide?

Some posts mentioned baking soda to help remove rust from neglected bores. Would it not make sense to use baking soda in the cleaning water before rusting happens?

...just wondering. New at this so forgive me if this question displays my ignorance.

Loyalist Dave

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Nov 22, 2011
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People's Republic of Maryland
So a proper soap, is a "base" just as is baking soda. Much milder of course. Some guys like windshield wiper fluid which sometimes has a detergent (base) or a tiny bit of ammonia (also a base).

When you mix an acid and a base, you don't necessarily "neutralize" the product that once was the sulfur dioxide. When you mix an acid and a base, you get a salt. Salt isn't good with steel either, eh? Which is why there is a lot of rinsing involved.