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FOR SALE CVA double KIT with .50 and 12 ga barrels. Cool project. Sold pending payment

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Jan 26, 2019
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I have CVA kit with 2 sets of barrels. .50 and 12 gauge. The .50 is an add on. Not originally part of these kits. The 12 gauge kit has high polished locks and originally came with no butt plate. I am including a brass butt plate if you want one. It has NOT been inlet or mounted yet. From what I’ve been told the early guns came with a tenon wedge pin and the later guns had a screw from the bottom of the stock that held the barrels on. This one has the the wedge pin and hooked breech for easy barrel removal and a more authentic look. The 12 gauge barrels will need draw filed or sanded before finishing. There is some light rust staining on the barrels and some scratches from storage that will need to be cleaned up before browning or blueing. NO pitting that I can see. Bores are great.
The .50 barrels are the blued ones. The bores look good but the external blueing will need to be redone. Been in storage for a long time. The hooked breech and wedge pin do line up with the 12 gauge stock. The .50 barrels will need 2 ram rod thimbles and sights. Not included. The stock is not curly. The lines seen in the photos are machine lines from making the stock and will sand out. I believe the kit is from the 1970’s or 80’s. I don’t know. Price is $650.00 shipped in the lower 48 states. This could be a really cool project for someone. I am selling only because I already have a CVA double and I’m building a double flintlock rite now.
Thank you all


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