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Oct 19, 2021
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Far Away Downs Queensland Australia.
A po boy is very minimal, no butt plate, no inlays, no engraving. You have a very nice southern rifle, very nice indeed.

This is a po boy;

View attachment 154071

I prefer the Southern style Iron furnitured Rifles, but without a Butt plate I'd be just a tadly mindful of the impending prospect of a fractured Butt (the Rifle not mine in case anyones wondering).

Now considering the historical scenario I'm beginning to realise why the occasional halfwit Beserker was tolerated in those days, what with acute shortages in readily available Iron or Brass; its understandable that a freshly scalped piece of soon to be leather; would be ideal to stitch on to a bare Butt (shame on anyone thinking perversely) in the place of an Iron Butt plate.

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