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FOR SALE Custom Knife Sheath in Hermann Oak Leather SOLD

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Jun 14, 2022
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West Virginia
Hopefully this is alright to list here if not my apologies. I have a small leather working hobby and I thought I would post one of my sheaths here for sale to see if there was interest. A little background I have been making knife sheaths for about 4 years now and have steadily grown and improved my work. This sheath below is made out of 8-9oz Vegetable Tanned Hermann Oak, it has a Walnut Fiebings Pro Dye with a Fiebings Resoline Finish. The stitching is 1.0 Ritza Tiger Thread in Colonial Tan, and it also has a #12 copper rivet and burr. This sheath will fit a 9” OAL knife perfectly and has a 1 3/4” opening. PayPal or money order is accepted and price includes fees and shipping in the US.

$69.00 shipped
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