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FOR SALE Custom bicentennial Hawken

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Oct 1, 2007
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Custom built Hawken rifle gun. Built sighed by David Hughes. Top flat. Marked built for and dated 1976 July 5 bottom flat. David Hughes one of 3 men referred to as the (Honest Brothers). In and thru the 80s 90s featured in muzzle blast and muzzle loader magazine. Gun built 1976. In the revival of the Hawken mountain man. Stocked in nice figured maple. Gun is 49” overall length. 32” Douglas barrel 50 caliber 1” across the flats. Hooked breech. Lock is a cherry corners. Double set triggers. Iron hardware browned. Length of pull is 13 1/2”. Gun is is very clean with a few hard to find handling marks. Clean shiny bore. Can’t see that this gun was really ever shot much or even carried. Priced 3800 $. Friends PayPal. USPS money orders. Your personal check to clear.


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More pics.


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Ok. Weight is 9 1/2 pounds. Also off hand it holds well. To me it has that ( hang ). But not to the point of feeling muzzle heavy. And this is really a clean gun especially given it’s over 45 years built.
From what I understand cherry corners was a lock then a full Hawken parts set. The forerunner to the Ithaca Hawken. In early 1970s