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FOR SALE Confederate 1842 Springfield Musket Palmetto S.C.

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Dec 4, 2011
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Clark County, Idaho
I've owned this model 1842 Springfield for over 20 years and its hung up on my wall all this time. I've been told its possibly a Palmetto Armory. It has a Robinson, S.C. 1852 stamped lockplate, smoothbore musket from South Carolina with an 1832 stamped breechplug. The lockplate stampings would lead a person to think of its possible, probable use by the Confederacy. These are not commonly seen in iron mounts but experts have told me they did make them with the parts they had on hand up north before shipping them to S.C. A google search found one that sold online. Ramrod is rusted in place so I have never been able to disassemble and I refuse to force it free and possibly damaging this beautiful piece of history. Lock functions as it should holding at full and half cock. Trigger makes it fall only on full cock. Selling off a lot of my collection to follow my dreams in retirement. Keep an eye on my listings for more great stuff in the future. Payment by US Postal MO or Bank Cashiers check or credit card with my FFL for a 4% fee to total. His charge not mine. Actual shipping/ins. Sold AS IS just in case some buyer damages it while trying to disassemble. Thank you!
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