FOR SALE C'mon folks, Wake up n smell the Osage Orange!

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Two Feathers

40 Cal
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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Folks, HOW can you pass up this one!? It’s my best selling knife! With great customer reviews and testimonials from people who actually use this knife it. It's my WE-1 Roach Belly skinning and hunting knife. The price is $135.00 +$15.00 s&h UDS$'s, insured. The price is slightly higher due to the difficulty involved with hand processing the VERY hard Osage Orange used in the handle!
This is "a one of a kind" for me; and I don't think it'll be here much longer?

This knife is 9.25” overall length. The blade is 5” long by 1.25” at the widest part of the curve, and .093” (3/32”) thick 1095 high carbon steel. It’s straight razor sharp. The blade design makes it an excellent skinner and this WE-1 Roach Belly is ideal for field dressing game, from the smallest Wood Chuck to the biggest critter you can bag! It has proved itself while successfully dressing 2 Elk, a Bear, a Moose and a large Mullie. It dressed all five of those big game animals with virtually no need to sharpen, just a quick field stone touch up.

The handle is Osage Orange, it’s HARD!!! Osage Orange has a beautiful color and a hard waxy feel, It will naturally gain a deeper Orange, Yellow color over years of use. It will last through many future generations when being passed on. I oil sealed, buffed, and waxed it for further protection. The handle is held on by (2) 1/8” iron pins and Non visible epoxy (for added waterproofing at the seam). I know Epoxy isn’t PC, but it keeps the handle slabs securely attached along with the 2 pins, and it stops any water from attacking, cracking, and swelling the wood at the joint between the slabs and the steel tang AND it isn’t visible! It also seals the joint between the handle slabs and tang to keep out blood, dirt, and other dangerous, bacteria.

The sheath is made of 5oz. Veg. tanned cowhide, and while I’m NO leather artist, it has a tooled standing grizzly on it. Maybe NOT a scary, charging, one, but a bear none the less, and I've been told it looks pretty good! It has a welt to protect the stitches, and is stitched in an X pattern for that PC/HA appearance. There is a second row of stitching to keep the layers of leather around the belt slot tightly bound together and add strength. The sheath is dyed Tan, (or the manufacturer calls it Tan)? I thinkl it matches the Osage Orange wood perfectly! It has a “Mountain Man” style belt slot that will accept a 2-1/2” wide belt. To further strengthen the belt slot, I’ve added 2 Matt Black steel rivets, one above, and one below the slot.

The rear of the sheath will have my Two Feathers signature burned into it when it ships.
This is one beautiful, fully capable, knife, not to mention the reviews and accolades it has gotten. Carrying this georgous hunk of steel and wood will get you noticed, guaranteed!!

I ship/sell to Canada, but all prices are in USD$ to the 50 United states. Shipping outside of the US is costly. Prices will vary accordingly.

I prefer PayPal; and I CANNOT stress this enough, Please, please, please, use the PayPal friends option when sending funds! I also accept postal and bank money orders. MO’s will add 1 week for travel time. I ship same day as funds are received, the exceptions are Federal holidays, Sundays, PO hours, and severe weather.

If interested PM me here. As always, thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers