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Cleaning Question

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Just bring her with ya to the range ...lube all yer patches for ya !! LOL


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I'm just saying if I see one of ya'll at the range over there snorting and Hocking up a good snotty one to lube your patch I'm gonna lose it. :D:D
Oh, the squeamish type, eh? Well, there's plenty of other ways to lube. What comes up naturally is free and readily available. Do whatever makes you happy and gets your gun to fire. ;)
I was wondering if any car products have been tried?

Car wax. Armor all. Or something
It's more a myth than reality that petroleum products cause more fouling issues than natural products. RIG and Ballistol (to name two products) are petroleum based and are regularly used. Acetone and automatic transmission fluid (ATF) are petroleum products often used (great solvent). I get hard crusty rings with my mix of bee's wax and olive oil as readily as any other natural grease. One does have to know and understand how to use these products to obtain the desired performance. Sure, I may have to wipe the bore to control the crust ring build up. I get that with spit lubed patches too.

Now if the natural products such as bear grease are readily available and are working, then continue to use them. I'll protect my bore after cleaning with Barricade.
With a good lube I have gone over 200 shots without wiping. No accuracy loss. The right lube will soften fouling when shot and also when loading, pushing it down to the powder to be shot out. That leaves the wonder lubes in a trash can, also SPG.
The best store bought lube was Young Country but I don't know if it is still made. I hoard what I have left.

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