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clay pipes

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Aug 19, 2018
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Me too. Smart girl Mad L, your wife. I've been known to even wash my paper plate out if I were going to use it soon. (and nobody saw me do it) 😁
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Feb 28, 2019
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back after ww2 when I was a young kid me & my friends used to go to the small town candy store and buy then for a nickel. and we didn't smoak them we used them to blow bubbles with them. never thought of ever smoking them. I remember that they came in a very flimsy wooden box, about 12x12, and were laid in it like spoons stem to bowl, and to keep them from breaking they were packaged in saw dust. they had an embossed TD, on the bowl witch the old timers in the village that smoked them said it stood for TRAMP'S DELITE! and along side of the stem GERMANY. and the old timers that lost there teeth used to wrap seweing thread or an elastic rubber band on the stem so they could grip it and not swing around in there mouth. just thought you younger guys would enjoy that little bit of my child hood good times? btw. my little town at that time had about maby 100+ OR - people. GOD, those were the days, no crime, you could leave your doors unlocked & car keys in the car!
Toot Youve strook a cord with your old yesterdays many evidently recall the same memories, nobody locked cars in my early days because there were hardly any cars to lock .And the milk man & the coal man & the rag & bone men had horse drawn carts.
Regards Rudyard
Jan 27, 2008
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Republic mo
Doc told me I should stay away from smoking. So I sent her this picture