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FOR SALE Classy Barn Rifle (Reduced)

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Oct 5, 2021
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Northampton style barn rifle, or sometimes called a Lehigh Schimmel. Gun was made at the historic Henry Family Gun Shop at Jacobsburg PA by the three master gunsmiths (Jim Correl, Rich Hjusa and Carl Landis) that taught classes in the shop. The gun is expertly assembled, with minimal hardware (just a single ramrod thimble and the trigger guard) that gives a simple elegance to a flintlock in it's essential form -a lock, stock and barrel.

The heart of the gun is a 38-inch 50 caliber barrel, 7/8 straight with a 1-60 or so twist. Bore is bright, smooth and shoots very well. Metal has been finished and rubbed back to give it an authentic aged look. Maple stock is finished in a traditional red-brown. Despite having no butt or toe plate, the butt is smooth and the stock overall has just a couple small handling marks.

A handmade trigger trips a tuned and timed lock. I believe the lock is a small Siler or Chambers. The fly has been deliberately removed from the tumbler.

Gun is 54 inches overall and weighs 7 pounds 1 ounce. LOP is 13 1/2. Ramrod is antler tipped at one end, other end is tapered and plain -this is a simple rifle by design.

Asking $2000 $1800 shipped in the US. PM for details.


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Bore and lock photos. Also a 5-shot group from the last time I had the gun out -50 yards rested at the bench.


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Why has the fly been removed, and also whens abouts would you say this piece was built? Thanks!
This gun was the 2011 Jacobsburg Society raffle rifle. A fly is not required on a gun with a single trigger. I suppose as the lock was being tuned it was deleted to keep it all as a Schimmel would have been -despite using a production lock.

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