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WITHDRAWN Cimarron Model 1858 Rem. Army .44 cal Revolver 5.5” barrel (2 spare cylinders)

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Sep 10, 2019
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Summerfield, FL 34491
Cimarron Model 1858 Rem. Army .44 cal Revolver 5.5” barrel (2 spare cylinders)

The ruggedness of the solid frame and the ability to quickly change cylinders made the Remington Army a favorite
of officers and infantry alike during the Civil War. More than 125,000 of these revolvers were produced by Remington.
Uberti offers this piece of history as a fine example of those by gone days. This top quality Italian made single action .44 cal.

6 shot percussion revolver does that and more.

Cimarron Firearms model 1858 Remington Army made by Uberti has a 5 1/2" barrel and includes two spare cylinders.
Period fixed sights. Unfired revolver is in excellent condition, blued finish with smooth walnut grips. Revolver in the original box but somewhere along the way the owner's manual went missing. Buyer provides a statement that buying this revolver violates no laws in their locale. FFL necessary if your state requires one even for black powder guns.

Cylinders were loaded using Hodgdon Pyrodex 44 cal. 30 gr. powder pellets plus wad and .440 dia 45 cal round ball.
Pistol never fired and cylinders were unloaded and cleaned thoroughly with soap and hot water.

Revolver and cylinders bought new and never fired.

Asking $ 550 plus $ 25 shipping and insurance.



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