Chronographing Artillery Pieces....

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The video camera bravely volunteered to stay and record the event while everyone else ran for it.
The gits! That's what tripods are for! :shake: :rolleyes: :youcrazy:

The result was 271.2 x 5 = 1356 fps but no way of checking it :thumbsup:
What was the load? powder x projectiles

That will wake you up in the morm!

When I was doing gonne demos at an event recently, we were firing a piece called the beast. 1 3/4" bore, 1" powder chamber, 480 grains 4f. I had a young man who decided to use a barbque grill lighter, when the slow match on a linstock didn't ignite the fuse fast enough for him. Before I could stop him, a breeze caught the flame, bypassed the fuse and ignited the squib. It looked like he got mule kicked in the chest, raised him off the ground by six inches, that's 152.5mm metric. A lesson learned the hard way.

That charge would echo through the hills. A neighbor from about a quarter mile away came and complained that we were rattling his windows.

Just :m2c:


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Dec 29, 2003
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Fantastic job with the video Robin..... it looked great !!!


I thought the title of this thread was "Chronographing Artillery Pieces", not "Choreographing Artillery Pieces"...

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