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Chromic Acid Stain

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Aug 2, 2023
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Can someone tell me about chromic acid? A neighbor was telling me about it a little saying he used to just wipe it on the curly maple and it didn’t need to be heated? I saw some of his stuff that he made 20 plus years ago and it looked nice.. I was just confused because I thought all the acid stains needed heated to work?
I must've done something wrong. This is my Miss Muley, stained with Magic maple 20+ years ago??
of course I put it on and then blushed it like aqua fortis.. ( Some other builders asked why I did that, frankly :dunno: )
then I added a bit of walnut stain that enhanced the darker curls .. finished with the Old Durable finish..

Respect Always


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Some have gotten away with using Magic Maple but the odds are not good. It was used a lot in the 70s and 80s and there were green guns everywhere.

There’s really no need for people to try new things with staining. Use analine dyes or ferric nitrate, iron saturated aquafortis on maple.
I agree, those green stocks are a bit unnerving! Like I said I must've done something wrong ( or lucky ?? )

Respect Always
I stained several hard maple stocks with CRO3. Never had one turn green. Might be something else that causes the green. I always used BLO. As a finish.
What Rich said. I saw a LOT of those green guns in the late 70s and 80s. IMHO, they looked rather...alien.
Green stocks aside, Chromium trioxide is a powerful carcinogen. I used it to stain the first flintlock rifle I built many years ago. When I mentioned that to a chemist with whom I was friendly, he was shocked that I was able to buy it so easily. He warned me to stay far away from Chromium trioxide. I never opened the can again and turned it in on hazardous waste day.