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Cedar Creek reenactment

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Oct 28, 2018
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Done Cedar Creek for years as a union infantry solider. at first with the 139th Penna and later with the 142nd Penna. Great event during the times we participated. The nice thing about Cedar Creek is the weather you never know what it's going to be we had blue bird events and then we had cold Snowy events.
Jul 15, 2023
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The Cedar Creek reenactment has been “under new management” for the last two years.
The young woman who is now the director of the battlefield foundation has done a great job.
She is responsive to the needs and concerns of the reenactors and sutlers.
If you have not been to this event recently, I recommend you give it a try.
(I am not affiliated with the director or her staff in any way. Just wanted to support someone who has worked hard to support the hobby.)