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Nov 22, 2019
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Hey guys,

Question: Have any forum members used a 45 cal. card as used for 45 long colt BP cartridge reloading rather than a wad when loading your BP revolver? I vaguely remember reading somewhere on the internet using a card as and alternative for BP revolvers very similar to BP shotgun loading. True, using a lubed wad or grease on the cylinder is the best way for insuring safety, but I would think that the card over powder would result in the same effect as loading paper cartridge during the civil war. I would be interested in your comments.

I'm somewhat confused by this post. Several different subjects at play here.

I can't think of much reason for anything between bullet and powder for handgun cartridges. If there is lube on the base of the bullet it should be wiped off before seating.

Using a wad in a percussion revolver is not for safety, but rather for lubrication. A dry wad or card would really serve no purpose at all. If the chamber is not properly sealed by the ball or bullet, it certainly will not be sealed by a disk of cardboard.

Paper cartridges for revolvers are whole other subject. I am not sure if any of the original cartridges used any sort of wadding. The only ones I have seen had the bullet resting on the powder and were dip lubed. I know that some modern shooters make their revolver cartridges with a lube cookie, which then necessitates a wad of some sort to protect the powder. This all seems to me to create a bunch of extra work, but it's their time and not mine.
Jan 2, 2019
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My brother hang in there. Fight this thing and dont let it win. Once before i posted my lube cookie method of 45/45/10 beeswax, lamb tallow, and olive oil. Take a standard paper towel and fold in half. Soak the towel in the melted lube solution and let some drain off, then layout on parchment paper and let dry and cool over night. Next day take your wad cutter and have at it. Has worked good on my conical i shoot in my ASP '58 Remington Armies. Right now though brother concentrate on healing. Us old marines are few and far between.
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Nov 16, 2009
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I’m still scrapping Lee! Actually feeling a bit better this morning and right now. Man, I never knew how much a person can sleep. I don’t have test results back but I’m upright and taking nourishment as they say so I guess its not important.

Thanks to all y’all who put in a word with the Man upstairs. I’m grateful for everything...

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