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This is a list of builders that specialize in building Cannon Barrels, Carriages, Cassions and Implements and Tools. Please help update this list by sending me names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to be added to this list so that we can support those who make these for us to enjoy and cherish.

Builders of the U.S.A.

AAA Munitions

Antique Ordnance Publishers - Source for cannon plans.
P.O. Box 610434
Port Huron, MI 48061
Phone: 610 982-1052

Baton Rouge Arsenal
P.O. Box 40512
Baton Rouge, LA 70835

Breitling Arms Artillery & Accessories
1207 Highway 80 East
Demopolis Al 36732
Fax: 334-289-9679

Cannon LTD
2414 Bethel Church Road
Coolville, OH 45723

Confederate States Arsenal
1305 Spring Avenue
Spring Lake, NC 28390

Chapman & Sons - Quality 19th century artillery sights.
14893 "C" Dr. N.
Marshall, MI 49068
Phone: (616)781-4581

Hern Iron Works
3610 Hern Road ,
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
Phone: 1-800-228-7794 208-765-3115
Fax: 208-664-8540

Historical Ordnance Works
P.O. Box 793
Woodstock, Georgia 30188
Phone: 770-928-2298

Machined Creations - Handgonnes, Coehorn Mortars
600 Albion Ave.
Burley, ID 83318
Phone: (208) 431-3418

Museum & Collector Specialties Company
Matt Switlik, Proprietor, Author of The Complete Cannoneer
38 E. Elm Avenue
Monroe, MI 48162

Paulson Bros. Ordnance Corp. - Carriages and implements.
Box 121
Clear Lake, WI 54005
Phone: 715-263-3300 (9 a.m to 5 p.m. CST)
Fax: 715-263-3301

South Bend Replicas, Inc.
61650 Oak Road
South Bend, IN 46614

Steen Cannons
3409 - 13th Street
Ashland, KY 41102
Phone: (606) 329-2477

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I would like to thank DD for this list of links, which over time I will check out and merge with the list above. Also thanks to Coehorn Boy for his contributions. I also have a long list of links in my web browser's favorite list to mix in as well.

Cannons and carriages Cannon-Mania Museum & Collector Specialties Company Paulsen Bros. May not open completely on older computers Dixie Gunworks DUCK ISLAND CANNON WORKS LLC & RBG CANNONS Hern Iron Works MRDUCKS CANNONS Wild Imports Cannon Mikes Kansas Cannon Works Beaufort Naval Armorers Big Shots of Idaho Canadian Cannon Company Inc. Jefferson Armory Schneider Cannons lLoose Cannon Gun Works Fire and Iron Bellmore Johnson Samson Mfg Schroeder Machine lLandfall Navigation Palmers Armoury WEST OF ENGLAND ORDNANCE COMPANY The Antique Cannon Superstore Clover Machine AAAmunitions Kenneshaw Cannon Company Antique Weapons Replicas - Prof. Osvaldo Gatto BEARTRACK TRADING POST Military Antique Shop Missouri Cannon Works

Wheels R & P Trading Wooden Wagon Wheels Puddle and Pond Custom Wagons JAKE'S COUNTRY TRADING POST Spraying Equipment Supply Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop The Spotted Mule Old West Wagon Wheels Inc Schroeder Machine

Cannon plans Beer Can Mortar Dixie Gunworks Maryland

Other Blackpowder cannons Candy Cannon Sundial Alarms

Locks Cannon-Mania

Fuse Cannon-Mania Cannon Fuse
Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester, VA. 540-888-3349 call for shop hours

Friction fuses Cannon Ltd
Back Creek Gun Shop / Winchester, VA. 540-888-3349 call for shop hours

Slowmatch The Slow Match Web Site Cotton rope Potassium Nitrate Dixie Gunworks Product # MI0201 Matchlock Fuse Samsel Supply cotton rope

Quills (paper straws)
Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester, VA. 540-888-3349 call for shop hours

Schuetzen Powder LLC Swiss, Schuetzen and Elephant Brand Blank Powder, Click on distributors to find a distributor in your area
Powder Inc offers shipments in five pound lots
Maine Powder House
Back Creek Gun Shop Winchester, VA. 540-888-3349 call for shop hours

Ball moulds Cannon-Mania Wild Imports JT Bullet moulds Cannon Mikes

Smoothbore Machine, G.E. Everitt
3900 Greentree Road
Stow, Ohio 44224
Ph. (330) 688-1556

Jim Mathisrud
3035 Salem Av SO
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Cannon balls for shooting Paulsen Bros. Click on Ammo Cannon Ltd Click on Implements and Accessories
Jerry Wolberg 1 pdrs 1.75 dia. $80.00 for 40 rounds plus shipping and handling. 701-226-6124

Implements Cannon Ltd Dixie Gunworks

Zinc suppliers (ZAMAK) Eastern Alloys, INC. Mid America Alloys Tekcast Industries

Semco Enterprises
475 Wilson Way
City of Industry,CA 91744
PH (626) 333-2237

Artillery Games

Books The Complete Cannoneer from Matt Switliki South Bend Replica The Complete Cannoneer Guy Lautard Machine operations books

Clubs, Organizations and Associations North-South Skirmish Association American Artillery Association BLUE AND GRAY SKIRMISH ASSOCIATION Northwest Territories Light Artillery Volunteers Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain Mel Fisher

Just for fun

MISC. links
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