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If you do it's a cva trad. Nothing any good to see...

I went to the skeet and traps range with mine pedersoli 10ga They all had little cz kids guns for it.. and they were dressed for it.

I wanted to shoot at something flying and practice loading before going hunting...

Anyway yea you don't fit in kinda.
I go to our range more often than not with my traditional muzzleloaders. I usually go early morning during the week so I don’t have to deal with the center fire crowd. I have several .54’s in flint and percussion, a .58 flint, and a .62 smoothbore with a few percussion and flint pistols mixed in. These rifles tend to draw a crowd every now and then and I will allow others to try them if they show an interest. Most on lookers are surprised at how accurate they are.
They do because they don't know these guns and we take a little more time each shot and loading it nice. I kinda care so I make it count no Binga banging away. So they see your target like how 🤔
I have owned and shot a wide variety of muzzle loading platforms, to include Pope rifles. To say I dislike or that other platforms be restricted, is not for me to say. What I will say, is that I prefer a sidelock flintlock, in rifle pistol and smoothbore or fowler. You are free to do what you wish.

What I will say, my opinion is that with traditional sidelocks becoming more scarce, inlines and other platforms, are what is keeping fish and wildlife agencies from closing a muzzleloading season altogether. The numbers just might not be there for traditional only season to survive. How many atlatl seasons do we see?
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No reason to ever close a traditional ML season, it’s not costing them anything to keep them open and they still receive revenue from license sales, no matter how little, some is always better than none. Here in PA we have an any ML season for does only in late October, modern MLs are legal during any rifle season and a traditional only season after Christmas,
I really enjoy shooting my traditional ML's. I like shooting lots of different firearms. Since I've retired, I shoot more BP than anything. Squirrel hunting with my 32's freaking just fun.

I have nothing against a guy that hunts with whatever suits him. When I shot trad archery, it was trad guys versus compound guys, etc.. Most of us hunt for our own reasons, in our own way, with our choice of hunting implement. Hell, we even do it here. The flint guys versus the cap guys.

The ANTI's that want to ban hunting, and close public lands to hunting are my enemy. Not a guy who buys a licence just like me, but hunts with a different weapon. This is still America. Some of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
Speaking as a recent trad ML convert, the first 40 years of my shooting experience was with modern firearms. Aside from appreciating an ancient relic hanging on the wall I had no interest. I get where they're coming from, most people want easy and reliable. Eventually I got bored with the modern arms, and shot less and less. Then about 1 1/2 years ago a friend gave me a TC Hawken and be being stubborn, I was determined to figure it out and make it a shooter. Now here we are, I've rebuilt the original lock, replaced the lock with an L&R that I also practically rebuilt and tuned, making my own horns, pouch, casting bullets, and just picked up all the metal parts to attempt a JP Beck rifle repro.
So far in my life, I have done a lot, seen a lot, helped where I can, etc... However, I won't venture into an area I know nothing about. (brain surgery comes to mind since some say I need a brain myself) I agree with the OP about not delving into something they did not know about.

That said, now my two cents. If I did not have a clue about inline muzzle-loaders, I would at least have given the guy a go with my flintlock. Just to give that person a taste. Maybe they would be interested, maybe not. Then I would, because I have been around guns many years, see what I could glean about the problem he was having on how to do things. Outside of the form of the propellant, the 209 primer vs a cap or powder in a pan, there is not much difference.

We need to stick together or hang separately.

The Doc is out now. :cool:
Mebbe some of are old-timey "woke" - we woke up in the wrong century.

Makes no difference what a person shoots. Equating HUNTING with electric feeders, plastic houses on stilts, thermal imaging scopes, etc. is what makes me want to puke green chunks. Fair Chase separates the men from the boys. "Hunting" TV shows have done more to promote negative impressions of hunting than all the PETA protestors combined. Paid for by manufacturers of such goods, of course.

One memorable episode I watched was some fat guy dressed in camo, sitting in a chair, rifle on a tripod, watching a feeder-fed group of white tails. Graphic scene of the impact, deer kicking after it fell. Then the obligatory "high fives". Might as well run deer down with a truck on blacktop roads. Spotlights, anyone?
I was gifted an inline. A pretty expensive one to boot. I had a harder time getting it to shoot and keep it shooting than my flintlock!

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