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Can anyone ID these two locks

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May 18, 2021
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Central NJ
Obviously lower end Spanish import stuff, 1970's ? Probably imported by CVA but I've been trying to match the manufacturer
The second one looks like it could be OK to play around with.

No matter how low end, for the price I got them at I can't complain


  • Both 2.jpg
    Both 2.jpg
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  • Lock 1 back.jpg
    Lock 1 back.jpg
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  • Lock 1 front.jpg
    Lock 1 front.jpg
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  • Lock 2 back.jpg
    Lock 2 back.jpg
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  • Lock 2 front.jpg
    Lock 2 front.jpg
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probably Ardessa. but there were many Spanish parts makers as well as Italian. I have one of those locks in my drawer. when i can convince my tired old body to get out of this recliner i will go study it and find some of my old catalogues/parts books. it is possible that Dixie used that plate also. have a memory fluttering like a bat trying to be recognized.
The first one looks like the lock from the first model of the CVA Kentucky and also some early CVA pistols. The second one Looks like the lock on the CVA Mountain Rifle. I believe they were made by Jukar.

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