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Building a Maryland Rifle

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Dec 26, 2007
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I started the next project. This one is a Maryland rifle. I am doing another video series. Just posted the first one on Rumble. So far I have the the first 12 videos finished. All of those are on Patreon now. I am posting them on Patreon as soon as they are finished and posting one on Rumble every weekend. I am following the same format as I have on my other videos. I am trying to go into more detail on the basic stuff than I have in the past. Most of the people that watch my videos are first time gun builders or interested in giving it a try. Many don't have a lot of experience working with tools. There are so many that would like to build guns but never do because they assume it is beyond what they are capable of. They give up before they even take the first step. The idea is to get those guys to realize that building a gun is something they can actually do and to help them out along the way.

Its almost time to start those winter projects. Hopefully this will inspire a few of you take that big leap and start building. The first video is just an introduction to what the project will be and show the parts I will be using. Next weekend I will be posting the video where the work starts.

Part 1
I watch all of your videos. I’ve learned a ton from them and outside of the informative aspect, it’s just fun to watch.

You have immeasurable talent and patience also!!