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Buckhorn rear site for TC Hawken

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Apr 9, 2014
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I am not aware of many adjustable rear sights that fit the TC barrel hole pattern except some Williams sights, which I believe were used by TC as factory sights towards the end of their traditional gun production. If you are willing to cut a key way slot, a whole world of options are available.

I find elevation adjustment with traditional roundball gun sights not all that necessary, once you get your load worked out. I have a number of roundball guns that I have shot for over 40 years without adjusting the sights. When things change, powder for example, I vary the powder charge until I am back on the point of aim. I have notes for various powder manufacturers different granulations, and how much to load to get on target with the sights on specific guns, though group size may vary a bit.

With muzzleloaders shooting various conicals at varying distances, especially once you pass 100 yards or so, an easily adjustable and repeatable rear sight is about a must have.
That is where a tang mounted vernier type sight comes into play with quite a bit of elevation adjustment. I have one on my Pedersoli Tryon for target use.


Bug Hunter
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Aug 6, 2014
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Vancouver Island
Does anyone know of a buckhorn or semi buckhorn rear sight for a TC Hawken? One that will install the same way as the stock rear sight? I think the rear sight is mounted with screws and I removed it a while ago and have installed a TC peep at the tang, and even with opening up the aperture it is difficult to see through well in the woods when hunting. The standard TC rear sight is pretty sucky in my opinion, which is why I removed it in the first place
I got a "Hawken" buckhorn with the wedge elevation from TOW, figured out where it should be, and filed a dovetail for it. The original screw hole I filled with a short screw filed off flush with the top flat and touched with a dab of browning solution so it blended right in with my browned barrel. The filled hole was also concealed beneath the long base of the sight. I'd send a pic, but my son has the gun now.