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Jul 8, 2004
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A HUBDRED YEARS AGO WHEN I had assembled all the (mysterious) parts and had spent quite a bit of time sliding a fine toothed oil down the flats of the octagon barrel and produced a rather spotty but otherwise shiney steel barrel and ws faced with seemed to be the major decision of to blue or to brown. I had seen a few rows of new ml rifles with that beautiful deep dark blue color. The y were so pretty but so darned brand new looking that for that same reason convinced me togo for browning which is just flowing a light coat of rust to cover the entire surface.
Well I had various mixtures of stuff to create that coating but I saw a small problem. During this time I was also going out to the range and admiring the lovely 6 and 8 inch groups I ws creating at 5 yards but noticed tat there were some nice rust colored spots here and there. mostly where I had been handing the barrel doing loading. I feared that if I browned the barrel on top of these spots I wold have darker brown splotches on the finished product. Carefully I removed the spots to eliminate the supposed problem but in that process acquired few more.
Then the light went on. I was already browning my gun barrel just by handling it. So I put away the magic super browning solution and and just continued to go shooting and rather quickly the the barrel turned a nice even lighter brown with no splotches that finally. with a light coat of oil It was perfect.

Later on. not knowing any better I replaced that barrel with one two inches longer figuring my loose groups were the old bagel's fault and not my ignorance.
Several some asked if it ws an old timer but it ws just a kit but T?CHawken.
About 25 years later it occurred tome thatI could have sanded away a lot more of the excess wood from he kit provided stock.
It would have looked slimmer and been considered lighter.
Had there been any brass fittings which will shine prettier than gold. I would have left them as tarnished as they desired all to get that deal old timer look.
Dutch Schoultz