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Jan 13, 2022
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Browningsville, KY
You guys haven't been hearing from me. You may not hear much from me for a while. I didn't want to go off without thanking y'all one more time and giving you an explanation for my departure.

About 3/15, I was down the basement putting the finishing touches on the hard case for the Brown Bess when KYHillChick called me to dinner. As I was coming up out of the basement, something went wrong with my left leg and I ended up resting it in the recliner for a few days. Well, that kept going, and my leg was only marginally better by the time I got out to shoot the 'Bess on 4/5. The next week I went to the doc. Doc found a blood clot. While they were dicking around with the blood clot, they ran some additional blood tests. One was an HCG Tumor Marker-- a test for cancer.

I had a seminoma back last summer, and they ended up taking one of my testicles. I'd been cancer free since. The HCG Tumor Marker had never read more than 1.5 whatevers. It was down below 1 whatevers by Christmas and I had a checkup about 3/10 this year and was told I was clean.

This HCG tumor marker was at 7 whatevers. I immediately contacted the surgeon and he re-ran the test. It came back at 11. Last Thursday it hit 43. I'm going in to have my port installed Thursday and I will start chemo in another week from that. The point is that if I hadn't been pounding up and down the stairs building the hard case for the Brown Bess, I'd have not aggravated the leg. If I had not done that, it would have been June before the HCG Tumor Marker test would have been run again. As it is, I got about a 2 month jump on a recurrence of the Seminoma-- this time it's growing near my left Kidney. Early treatment gives me almost a 100% chance of a full cure. I'll be to hell in back before the end of the summer, but I'm assured I'll be able to be in my stand by the Muzzleloder Opener in mid-October.

With all this hoo-haw, I didn't get a chance to test any shot loads in the 'Bess. As it was, I barely made the Turkey Opener on 4/16. I spent Tu-Weds flat on my back in the ICU with yet another blood clot in my lung, but they got me on the proper blood thinner. Not only did I make to the Turkey Opener, but I after an oncologist appointment on Thursday 4/21, I managed to bag a bird the next morning.

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I am going on hiatus soon from my weblog as well as all the forums I visit-- this one included. I doubt I'll have much chance to shoot the 'Bess or much of anything until September. Chemo sounds like a trip to hell and back, but I'll be coming out the other side. Look for me again in the fall. Thanks to you all for all the help in getting the 'Bess straightened out. I can't wait to get it out again.


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Nov 2, 2006
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Los Lunas, NM
Cancer has hammered my family badly. Timing is everything. Early gets it done and you shall get it done! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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Mar 4, 2013
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Keep the attitude positive - that's most of it. And from what I've seen you are! Looking forward to seeing you back after a short hiatus.


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