SOLD Brand New October Country Traveler Possibles Bag

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40 Cal
Jan 29, 2019
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00D4B087-AB61-4F57-92A9-E752C1FE4AD5.jpeg 745CCCEA-2597-4F55-B2CC-ED43678FDF1C.png 08F1D579-575B-4C45-9FFF-637AD71F5E72.jpeg 5555126E-BD84-4CB4-99F6-551C8164F932.jpeg B7F14F73-F67E-4C26-A61C-05A3BAE671A1.jpeg Heres a brand new never used large possibles bag made by October Country and called their Traveler bag done in Tobacco colored distressed Buffalo. It’s got two large inner side pockets and one outside on both the front and back, as well as the main compartment. It really is a beautiful bag I purchased new from the maker awhile back and never used, so it’s never once had a single item inside. My only reason for selling, is that I was gifted another bag soon after purchasing this it’s sat untouched. The current new price on this bag is $112.41 with shipping additional. For $90, I’ll include shipping within the US as priority mail. It’s a very large and beautiful bag for you to make your own, and will truly carry ALL your “possibles”...on even the longest trek!
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