Bob Roller Percussion Lock and Russ Hamm Flintlock

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Jun 19, 2021
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Can someone tell me what the fair market value would be for a Bob Roller percussion lock and a Russ Hamm flintlock? Both are new. Well, when I say new, I mean that they were purchased many yeas ago but never used. The Roller lock is stamped Roller 72 which I assume is 1972. Around that time, I built a .577 Cal Hawkin rifle with a Roller lock and a Bill Large barrel, a .50 Hawkin with a Roller lock and a Douglas barrel, a .45 cal flintlock Kentucky rifle and a .35 cal Bedford County percussion boys rifle which I still shoot and hunt with today. Planning on building more, I bought these locks. Now, 49 years later my wife says, "why are you keeping that "stuff"? You still haven't finished the last Kentucky rifle you started years ago." Other than I always have a hard time parting with things I may need in the future, I can't really give her a good answer. Also have a set trigger but not sure of maker although there is a small diamond shape stamped into it. So, I am thinking they should go. If someone could help me out on a fair value, I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks, Tom


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Dec 7, 2021
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Did you ever get an price on the percussion lock? If I am not mistaken Dixie Gun Works has one for sale for around $375. Is yours for sale?
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Oct 25, 2019
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I have a Russ Ham Bedford flintlock I bought in '74. Was told they weren't very good, but it looks pretty good to me.

rich pierce

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Nov 27, 2004
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Andover, VT
I’m guessing you could get $250-$350 for an as new Roller percussion lock. To be honest, percussion locks are simple machines and I’d spend that on an outstanding flintlock only.
That Russ Hamm flintlock is interesting because of the style suitable for late flint. I’d say $175 would be achievable.
Sep 15, 2021
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Trout Country New Zealand
Bob made quality locks , He rebuilt a Pedersoli Gibbs lock for me , it was a day and night difference in use, and made me a lovely small flint lock . The last time we communicated he told me he was no longer building locks , so if someone wants a quality , no tuning needed , lock for a Hawken , that is a good way to go .


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Feb 28, 2019
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Locks fascinate me I have used the noted US makers but also used numbers of the 10/ rupee Indian local trade percussion looks , worked them over and served me well for years & still good . I had them make me flintlocks they cost more but again they worked up to be good locks and I used a lot . By' worked up' I mean go over sort any poor work clean up any roughness, engrave , then case harden once stocked good to go. & not had any come backs . At a time when there where few lock.s offered circa 1973 they made me pairs, four standard sized ,but did' one offs' all hand & eye no CNCs then. They used tools even the scrap men would scoff at but If you wanted a living demo of 'Historical Arms makeing tecnology journal' (The useful booklet put out by the NMLRA ) there they where , brass templates hand forged parts . They did weld the pans on but only at night when the demand for electricity was lower . The steel specification was of interest so I asked .The reply was 'We are makeing with the help of the escrap" My Hindi is limited but we did get through on "Same to Same Original" & ' Polis' (polish) . and to watch them forge the springs was a treat . All'eyeballs' then quench . Then holding the now glass hard spring near the hearth & judgeing purely by eye . whence they gave a flick and it was tempered just fine . They where invariable strong & mostly I had to file them to a better ballance in the case of flint locks. .Funny thing was if you or a UK customer tried to reheat for some reason it was hard to get it as you wanted it . I do not know why but twas so . The tumblers where formed by a lump of hot steel held in locking tongs placed over a hole in a bit of thick steel then beat it often enough to extrude the shank of the tumbler blank. the bearing pin wasn't turned on any non exsitent lathe rather it was once filed smooth marked by eye then bored and a pin screwed in which then formed the bearing secured by the ' bridil' as they called it Bridle we'de say . This was one area I sometimes had trouble with as they might bear unevenly the real bad ones I made new tumblers for & one such I had over the better part of 17 on & off rendesvous use . I made it for a 45 reject barrel in a duplicarved too small pistol gripped 'waster' stock of Queensland maple . The whole rifle made with an old rusted guard ' no tail pipe just a single pin & loop' , soldered on tin saddle pipes . But it was dubbed the' New Zealand Poor boy' as I suppose it was .I shot deer in NZ then it went to UK then the US and I rebarreled it in Greenville to a 50 cal & lately a 54 cal option its 13/1 6" teenth AF all common breached . I once won a cannoo paddle at Eldridge R vous trappers run .Well not haveing a canoo ( they don't travel well )so I swopped it for a 'Pogamon'? club blank . Some UK people do Native American events So bears sculls, beads. even sage brush & teeth & raccoon tails teeth ect where welcome items . I once when tending to a show table saw a man wearing a bone choker . Figured he was either a hippy or was into Indian culture Ime glad I asked as I ended up at a red Indian camp on the Duke of Devonshires land near Chatsworth house ( Picture the films' Pride & Predudice' thats the house ) However I digress . I did visit Mr Roller once so ime still part linked to the thread . The Hamm Maslin might well be a good lock but got coppied by some European out fit who produced a lock so poor it might be better suiteT to take a fish hooks down . I don' t ascribe this deteriation to Mr Hmm .& the one offered isnt likley to be one of the debased copie's. Bud Siler brought forth a good germanic lock & kits then gradually good locks came onto the market . till today we have a good variety of styles on offer Ditto barrel makers I used a lot of 12 bore Bader Barrels since wedded too my India locks my principal UK Market was flint shotguns . Any way if Ive strayed to far blame my typeing finger its very wont to do that .
Regards Rudyard