Bob Roller Percussion Lock and Russ Hamm Flintlock

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Jun 19, 2021
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Can someone tell me what the fair market value would be for a Bob Roller percussion lock and a Russ Hamm flintlock? Both are new. Well, when I say new, I mean that they were purchased many yeas ago but never used. The Roller lock is stamped Roller 72 which I assume is 1972. Around that time, I built a .577 Cal Hawkin rifle with a Roller lock and a Bill Large barrel, a .50 Hawkin with a Roller lock and a Douglas barrel, a .45 cal flintlock Kentucky rifle and a .35 cal Bedford County percussion boys rifle which I still shoot and hunt with today. Planning on building more, I bought these locks. Now, 49 years later my wife says, "why are you keeping that "stuff"? You still haven't finished the last Kentucky rifle you started years ago." Other than I always have a hard time parting with things I may need in the future, I can't really give her a good answer. Also have a set trigger but not sure of maker although there is a small diamond shape stamped into it. So, I am thinking they should go. If someone could help me out on a fair value, I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks, Tom