Big river buck was missed twice?

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Jul 28, 2020
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Last Saturday started our muzzle loading season. I was getting ready to leave my spot when a very large river buck stepped out to scrub his small pine trees, and scrap the ground. I previously loaded with a moist patch (rather than mink oil) by mistake which caused my gun to hang fire. He was at about 75 yards. After the smoke cleared, he was still standing there.
I reloaded and got to aiming position. Mind you, I am shooting off a fold down shooting rail, on top of my atv, wrapped with camo tarps and netting. I had on all camo clothing and a face mask. I was forcing my sight picture at a 2 o'clock position because I cannot turn my lower body like I wish I could. I try to park in the position that I hope the deer will give me a comfortable shot.
Anyways, after reloading with the proper lube, I shot again. He ran towards me about 20 yards then jumped into the thicket. I really do not believe the buck ever saw me because of the way I was concealed with a thicket behind me blending me into the background.
The next day, around noon, I went to where the buck came out to observe. He has 3 small pines he is scrapping along with a large ground scrapping with a big pile of poop. Also, there is a large patch of moss that it appears he has been eating on. I put two large bags of cob corn by the moss.

I don't believe it is really hunting when you use automatic feeders and cameras, but that is just my opinion. To me, that is like raising livestock because the deer know the sound of the feeder and the camera tells you what time to hunt.