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Beware of this "wholesaler"

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Mar 21, 2021
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S.E. Missouri
I place an order with Texas Guns and Ammo LLC on line this afternoon for a Pietta 1858 .44 Sheriff and used my credit card

They listed PayPal and all credit cards at the time of the order and took my credit card info including all the card numbers to complete the sale

A few minuets later I get an email from the above that my firearm was "reserved" for me ???

They went on to say that due to Banks and other card processors being anti gun that I would need to ZELLE or PayPal them the full amount for the order to be released

I called my bank (before replying) who immediately cancelled my card (no charge or attempted charge had been made ..yet) and a new card will be here in the morning

I replied to the email with some "private" comments as I cancelled the order

I'm sure more and more of this type of thing will continue to grow so move quickly if you encounter it and strike while the iron is hot!

Nov 13, 2004
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PayPal as payment is a HUGE red flag. Most of these places will list things at pre COVID prices and have things available that aren’t available. Most of time the address they have listed doesn’t shuck and jive with an actual business. ( ie a empty building or a parking lot)
Aug 26, 2022
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They are constantly improving their game. I was at my mother’s bank a couple of weeks ago cleaning up the mess that she fell for. The bank employee said, speaking of the scammers, “Its their job.” Sad but true and they are pretty good at it.

Interesting that they offered payment by credit card. Those scam sites never used to do so and that was a dead giveaway. They are learning.

When I was looking to buy my first ROA, less than a year ago, one site gave a price of $78.00. I had to look. It was legitimate…he would sell you the gun for $78 pre-1965 silver coins. Shipping was $1. He also had a “currency price” which was pretty high relative to other ROAs for sale. Interesting nonetheless.


54 Cal.
Sep 15, 2020
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They can keep on doing scams because many people are greedy, and cannot pass up what appears to be a "bargain". (like hard goods, or a "free" time share vacation - whatever)

These offerings always look too good to be true.

Johnny Tremain

Silversmith in training
Apr 11, 2005
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Pacific NorthWet
They are ripping us off left and right.
I found a website that had caps cheap. Bought 1000, got no email receipt.
Called my bud who is a fraud investigator. He told me its a PO Box in a Chicago commercial building and they are data mining people trying to buy firearms stuff.

Had to get a new card, so much for good deals in these end days
Jul 24, 2018
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I only order online from the places that have existed since forever like MidWay, Dixie, PowderInc etc

I threw a hail mary recently and bought toy caps from a sketchy looking company but I received my order. The use of a GovX discount showed me they were legit, a scam site wouldn't have a link with GovX

People are so voraciously hoarding stuff that the scam sites are popping up like crazy and people are falling for $70 boxes of Winchester Large Pistol Primers

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